Blackjack Basic Strategy

The basic strategy described below is an indication as to what should be done when you find yourself in a certain situation at the blackjack table. As I have earlier, this is only a blackjack basic strategy, which leaves room for a lot of improvement. Once you get yourself more used to the game, you can come up with your own ways of playing and maybe be more successful with a strategy of your own instead of the one I am offering you. That’s fully fine, just let me know when you come up with a good one. The blackjack strategy table is also a good guide as to when you should and shouldn’t draw. Have a look…

Standing or Drawing?

Most of the decision-making pertains to whether to stand or draw more cards. There are two situations you can find yourself in where the answer to this question is simple: one is when your hand is lower or equal to 8, in which case you would take a hit; the other case scenario is when your hand is higher or equal to 17, which is a hand you want to stand. The reasoning behind those two basic rules is that in either case if you go against them, the odds of you winning are very slim. So, it’s best to keep to the laws. Now, the decision becomes much more difficult when your hand is anywhere in-between, or if you have a pair, or one of the cards is an ace. Have a look at the blackjack basic strategy chart to see what to do in those situations.

Doubling Down?

Doubling down on a bet is a good way of lowering the house edge that is if you know how and when to use it. There are a few situations, which will yield the best results if you double down on the bet. The strategy chart identifies the particular situations to watch for.

Insurance Bet

Part of the blackjack basic strategy is to know exactly what taking insurance really means and how it can work to your advantage. The rule of thumb is to never take insurance unless you are holding a blackjack. The chances of the dealer having a blackjack are as low as you having one, so betting on the fact that he has one is not a good idea.

If you are holding a blackjack

Ah, in this case there is one of two ways you can continue the game: depending on what the up card is the chances of a push occurring might be high. If that’s the case, ask for even money and he will pay your 1 to 1 before he even looks at his own hand. In this way, you win something as opposed to nothing were his hand also a blackjack. See the strategy chart for some more details.

Blackjack Basic Strategy